19 Features That Can Surprisingly Devalue Your Property

Whether your property is on the market, or you are keen to sell, there are many features that can knock thousands off your asking price. While mould, damp and pests are known for deterring buyers, other turn-offs include low water pressure, old electrics, and pet smells. The surprising features that could devalue your property equates to over £49,000, according to research.

Chris Birds, Partner at Boxall Brown & Jones said “we all have something in mind when we are looking for our next home, and there can be some features that are an absolute dealbreaker. However, some of these features are a surprisingly quick and simple fix if you are planning on selling your property.”

He added “If you are selling, you can make sure your house looks more appealing by doing some small changes, such as filling in holes in the wall or switching the colours of your walls to a neutral colour palette. Even having a deep clean can make a huge difference to how a property is perceived, as well as clearing away any clutter.”

New findings from industry research identified the following features that home buyers are put off by:

  • Mould/ damp (62%)
  • Signs of pest infestation (57%)
  • Old electrics/ wiring (50%)
  • Japanese knotweed (48%)
  • Noisy neighbours (39%)
  • Pet smells (37%)
  • A bathroom with no bath (34%)
  • Situated close to a pub (32%)
  • Low water pressure in the shower (28%)
  • Messy garden (28%)
  • Stained/ ripped carpets (27%)
  • Pebble dash (25%)
  • Ugly wallpaper (24%)
  • Holes in the wall from paintings (21%)
  • A rude street name (14%)
  • Laminate flooring throughout (13%)
  • A swimming pool/ hot tub (10%)

Did you guess some of these features? Let us know!

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