6 Things Landlords Need to Know in 2022

Are you renting out a property this year? Read this blog post to find out the latest news and law changes you will need to know about.

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1. New Anti-Covid-19 Measures

The government has released new guidance to help limit the spread of Covid-19 in rented homes.

If you, a letting agent, or workmen need to visit the tenant’s property, you must ensure that it is well ventilated.

The guidance suggests that you ask the tenant to keep windows or doors on opposite sides of the room open during the visits.

You are also responsible for checking that any small vents or grilles at the top of windows are open and unblocked.

You cannot access a property to carry out any repairs or safety inspections if someone in the property has Covid-19 symptoms.

The only exception is if the repairs are to fix something that could have direct safety risk to the occupants or the public.

2. Prepare for New Energy Efficiency Rules

It is anticipated that the government will press ahead with new energy efficiency rules for rental homes in England and Wales. The new rules say that all rental properties must have an energy performance rating of level C or above.

Under current legislation, rental properties must have a rating of at least E. Now, the government is expected to give landlords until 2026 to meet the requirements for any new rental agreements. Landlords will also have until 2028 to comply for any existing tenancy agreements.

The price cap on the amount you will have to spend to ensure that each property is energy efficient has increased from £3,500 to £10,000.

The government anticipates that landlords will need to spend an average of £4,700 per property.

3. New Rules Will Make It Harder to Ban Pets

New rules have been created to make it difficult for landlords to have a blanket ban on pets in their properties. The government has amended its model tenancy agreement which states that you can only refuse to have well-behaved pets in your property if there is a valid reason, such as lack of space.

However, while the government can recommend that landlords use the model tenancy agreement, it is not a legal requirement. This means that tenants will still need to obtain written permission from the landlord to have a pet in the property.

4. Enhanced Carbon Monoxide Safety Rules

New rules that came into force last year means that landlords must install carbon monoxide detectors. The detectors must be put in place where there are new or existing appliances, including gas boilers or gas fires installed.

It is the landlord’s responsibility to fix or replace carbon monoxide detectors if they become faulty. The aim of these rules is to better protect tenants from accidental carbon monoxide poisoning.

5. Extra Time to File Capital Gains Tax

There is some good news on the tax front! Landlords will be allowed more time in which to pay capital gains tax if they sell a rental property.

Landlords now have 60 days in which to report and pay the tax when they sell their buy-to-let property. The time is double the previous period, which was 30 days.

The Chancellor announced these changes in the Budget last year.

6. Increasing Local Licensing Schemes

Landlords may need to comply with more local licensing schemes in 2022. It is already required to have a license if a landlord lets Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMO).

Some councils also require landlords with other types of property to acquire licenses in certain areas. Although the government found some issues with the selective licensing system, it still supported its use.

Since the review, more local authorities have started to introduce additional licensing schemes. This trend is expected to persist throughout 2022.

What is Happening in the Rental Market?

In 2021 the rental market ended on a high note. The rise in demand for renters has occurred since the lifting of restrictions and the return to offices. There were also too few properties to meet the higher demand.

We are expected to see this momentum continue, as we navigate our way through 2022. It has also been anticipated by Zoopla that rents across the UK, excluding London, could rise by 4.5% this year.

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