A Property Summary of 2020

‘Property’ being the key word to this title, without it makes for a long, long, long read!

The New Year as always was full of promise, the UK was due to leave the EU by the end of January, starting an 11 month transition. Can we get back to business now?

February felt promising, there was a definite increase in property activity and suddenly we as estate agents, felt in demand again.  

By time March rolled around, there was a sniff of spring in the air and we could feel market momentum building as we approached the start of the typically strong selling months.

The above sentence seems absurd now, as in April, the property market has hit a brick wall as the world faces up to an entirely new threat to our existence. “Get your coats guys, you’re working from home!” Thank goodness we invested in modern, web based systems! Tenants were given immediate greater protection from being evicted by landlords by increasing their notice period to three months.

May delivered good news with the easing of the lockdown allowing agents to re-open once more, the fear being, would anyone want us… That concern was short lived, the market came back with a bang!

Very welcome industry news was received in June and whilst many of us didn’t get a summer break, there was at least a stamp duty holiday, offering savings up to a budget boosting £15,000!

The market continued to go from strength to strength in July, August and September. These months can often be quieter with the start of the school summer holidays BUT not this year! Tenants were given even greater protection with notice periods doubling to six months.

October continued to deliver great property demand and where we heard the first mention of Christmas and pre-completions.

November, back in lockdown! Derbyshire along with the majority of the country (apart from Cornwall, the Isle of Wight and of course London) were placed in ‘Tier 3’ preventing many businesses, especially those in the hospitality and catering industry from re-opening. Incredibly fortunately the property industry was permitted to continue operating with demand remaining.

December, the market is typically winding down but not this year, still plenty to keep us busy. One example, a three bedroom, Allestree semi, having 8 viewings in the first few days of marketing!

2020 really has been an incredible year, with all things considered, we are amazed at how much business we have been able to do under the strangest of circumstances.

We would like to wish our friends, families, clients and colleagues a very merry Christmas and best wishes for 2021 where we will have early, exciting news to deliver. Let us hope for a memorable year for all the right reasons.

As I near writing the end of this article, a notification lights up my phone “Bird flu outbreak confirmed in Derbyshire!” Honestly, whatever next? I don’t dare speculate…  

The final thoughts should be saved for those who have tragically lost their lives to Covid-19, those that have lost loved ones, lost jobs and businesses and of course our wonderful NHS employees.

From us all at Boxall Brown & Jones, stay safe.

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