Coronavirus COVID-19

The 24th March 2020 will live long in the memory, being the day the UK closed for business.

Absolutely the right decision in my opinion and although painful, distressing and incredibly worrying, the fear of carrying on as normal, ignoring a new viral killer and watching it’s deadly effects is far greater.

The safety and financial measures put in place by Mr Johnson and co are quite extraordinary and have certainly helped ease the worry and burden of many, Boxall Brown & Jones included. I realise that at this point, there are still many people requiring assistance, I feel sure it will arrive.

So what is happening at Boxall Brown & Jones?

Following a state of emergency broadcast by the prime minister on Monday 23rd March which I can only assume has broken all time viewing records, ourselves being classed as a non-essential business were forced to temporarily lock our doors. Going back 10 days we had an internal management meeting to put into place an action plan should the now declared situation arise. Fortunately over recent times we have invested in state of the art cloud based estate agency software which means we can access our entire operation from anywhere where we can get an internet connection. Telephones can be diverted to mobile phones and emails can easily be picked up. I think we were reluctantly aware today was coming but also optimistic business could continue just not as usual.

We had planned to condense our operation to one office with a rotating workforce observing safe working practices and distances although this measure wasn’t needed.

We had clearly implemented the basics of enhanced hand washing, sanitising and observing social distancing.

As it stands, we are open for business and whilst we may not be sat at our normal desks at our normal location we remain at the end of a phone or email working from home. I can’t promise we will be wearing normal business attire but I can promise we will continue to offer our high level of service supporting all our clients needs as normal.

We have been thrilled at the way our teams have coped with this unprecedented situation, they have been generous with their time, selfless in their offers and have epitomised the true great British spirit. I say this not for the sake of it but because we genuinely have an amazing dedicated workforce!

We hope to be reinstated as soon as possible and the world returning to normal, in the meantime we’re doing our bit and following the recommended guidelines and I would urge all others to do the same.

Stay safe.

Anthony Lomas, Partner, Boxall Brown & Jones

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