Decorating Your House for Halloween 2021

Spooky season is upon us! At Boxall Brown and Jones, we have been getting into the Halloween spirit by adding some decorations and eating some Halloween treats.

Today we wanted to share some Halloween decoration tips to make your house look super spooky this season!

Decorating the outside of your house

If you want to impress your neighbours and trick or treaters, why not add some decorations? From cobwebs to dangling lights, there are endless opportunities that you can find in many stores!

Make your furniture look Halloween ready

Add dark and/or warm autumnal colours, spooky decorations and even add some throws to make your room feel cosy!

Light up your home

While you may associate Halloween with dark nights and gothic looking décor, you can still add light to your home by using craved pumpkins or even adding some plain white dripped candles for a more haunted look.

Get crafty with your windows

Add window paints, stickers, lights, or cobwebs. This will give the effect of your house looking haunted and may invite trick or treaters to visit!

Have fun with the family and DIY

Why not try and make your own decorations such as garlands or doing some spooky bakes! This is a great way to spend time with family and add a personal touch to your home.

Infuse your house with the Autumn smell

To get you in the mood for spooky celebrations, light up some Halloween scented candles or boil orange and apple slices with cinnamon sticks. These are the perfect smells for those cold Autumn evenings!

You can never have too many cobwebs

Need I say more?

And there is no such thing as too many centre pieces!

You really cannot have too many!

Cover your walls in spooky pictures or decorations

There are all kinds of decorations you can buy online or in store for Halloween, whether you fancy some simple tea light holders or full-sized skeleton, if you shop around, you can find all kinds of trinkets!

Use real dead flowers

This is a great example of a DIY project you can get involved with. Why not use real flowers to add to the spooky event this year? To do this, rather than letting the flowers wilt and lose its shape, you can put them in the oven for 5-15 minutes to create a Tim Burton inspired look to your house! Click here for the instructions.

Add some glow in the dark aspects

There are all kinds of glow in the dark items you can use to decorate your house, whether you use paint or decorations, this is a great way to make the place look spooky and light up the night when all the trick or treaters are out!

What do you think of our Halloween decoration tips? Let us know by interacting with our social medias!

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