Dog-Friendly Interior Ideas!

As International Dog Day was yesterday, we thought we would share all the weird and wonderful dog-friendly interior designs people have created in their home! You never know, perhaps you will find inspiration from this post!

First up is the mud room…

Even if you are a dog lover, we all know how mucky those pups can get! This dog owner took their entryway to a new level and added a rinsing station for their furry family member.

Space saving feeding station

Are you tired of tripping over dog bowls when you are tired in the morning? Why not recreate what this dog owner has done and have a built-in dog dish drawer!

Room under the stairs?

You have probably seen Harry Potter many times and know about the room under the stairs. We do not recommend making this space small and cramped for your pooch, but you could use this space to create a place called home for your other family member! Take a look at what this owner did for their pup.

Bring pets to work?

Are you working from home at the moment and want a little extra company? Why not optimise your storage space in your office to create a comfortable dog house for your furry friend! Take a look at how these owners incorporated the space in their stylish, functional office.

So, what do you think of these interior ideas? Will you be trying them? Let us know over on our social medias today!

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