How TikTok Has Influenced Interior Design and What Trends to Look Out for

TikTok is a popular social media app that has reached a record-breaking audience since it’s relaunch in August of 2018. The app has since surpassed social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and even SnapChat in monthly installs, with more than one billion downloads.

According to statistics, 60% of TikTok users are aged between 16-24. They describe the platform as a video-sharing networking service that does not rely on followers, rather it bases success on trends and a shared feed to offer a more equal opportunity to fame.

Given the circumstances of a more equal platform, there are trends such as interior design that have started off on TikTok which will be discussed today.


This trend is a mix of DIY, vintage and a desire to bring the outdoors in, this trend is a refreshingly romantic change from the many modern farmhouse trends that have appeared over the years.

This trend feels like you are turning a dial back in time, with a delicacy of detail, colour and history in the home.

Dried Flowers

DIY project has long been popular on TikTok and given the Cottagecore trend, it comes at no surprise that dried flowers have also taken off. According to research, dried flowers has generated 60.32 million hashtags, falling just behind Cottagecore.

Preserving bouquets of roses is popular, along with encasing the flowers in resin. But, in 2021 try replacing your usual countertop arrangement with some feathery dried pampas grass.

Green Walls

Outside of TikTok, hunter and emerald green is having a huge break in kitchens. But on the app, ‘green walls’ is not a paint colour, it is about actual greenery. For example, creating a vertical garden up a wall. However, those greens do not have to be real, you can buy faux hedge walls everywhere from Etsy to Wayfair. If a whole wall feels like too much of a commitment, you can ease into the look by making your own framed moss art.

Twisted Candles

If you are not so crafty, you could buy twisted taper candles, arranging them on bookshelves or counters as sculptural objects. However, there is a certain satisfaction among TikTokers in submerging a candle in water and bending it into your own creation!

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This is quite on the opposite end of the spectrum from Cottagecore! The architecture and design movement peaked in the 1930’s and focuses on minimalism with a playful side. Think clean lines, geometric shapes and pops of bold colour.

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Rattan has been gradually staging a comeback over the past few years, and the hashtag has over 12.3 million views on TikTok. It is a popular find for people to share online, although there is a tonne of rattan-based DIY projects, like making your own coasters or table lamps out of palm stems. It can be an easy way to give a room a more beachy, laid-back atmosphere, particularly as a set of pendant lights or accent chairs.

Pink Bathrooms

Save the pink bathrooms, a movement to convince people to think twice about tearing out their 1940s – 1950s pink tile and tubs, is now a major TikTok topic. Users highlight how people can lean into the vintage look, adding gold and pink wallpaper, or streamline the sometimes-extreme amount of colour with matte white accents, all helping to preserve the history of the room without making it feel dated. If you are not blessed with a retro bath, the hashtag pink bathrooms can provide inspiration for working the colour into any powder room, with suggestions of tile or paint that can give any space a rosier look!

What do you think of these TikTok trends? Will you be trying any of them out?

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