How to Land Your Perfect Landing

Unique hallway, stairs and landing décor ideas you need to see!

Do you lack the space in your property or have additional space that you don’t know what to do with it? Do you need inspiration that is budget friendly or trendy? Well, today’s Top Tip Tuesday blog post has got you covered!

Keep reading to discover some exciting design ideas you need to use in your property!

It’s all about the wall…

With zero floor space to spare, you may wonder what can be done to make this look nicer and be practical. Take a look at this hallway for ideas. A bit of paint, hooks and wallpaper can make all the difference to a small space and what is even better, it can be done on a budget!

Maximise Your Landing Area

If you are lucky enough to have space on your side, why not open up the space with some simple furnishings. Monochrome and sepia tones can keep an airy feel to the space, while practical storage and seating can make great use of the spare space. If you done well, it can feel like a whole new room!

Get Your DIY On!

Even with minimal space, there is a lot you can do to a plain hallway. Why not flex your DIY skills and make the most of vacant space over a radiator with a nifty console table. This is a practical way to maximise space and if you use this image for reference, you can follow the industrial trend.

Make a Mirror Mosaic

Who doesn’t love a mirror arrangement? Using mirrors in a smaller space is a great way to brighten the area and make it look spacious. Plus, it’s a great way to make your property look chic.

Make Your Own Staircase Gallery Wall

Why not try clustering your precious family photos, memos and motivational words together on a gallery wall just like image! This is a great idea if you want something to brighten your day each time you dash up or down the stairs. This is also a really handy idea if you are working to a tight budget, as you can use any old frames or spare plaques without the need for too much coordination. 

Opt For on Trend Hallway Tiles and Two-Tone Walls

Why not keep it simple with a contrasting colour scheme and patterned tiles for extra energy and style in a plain space. Tiles in a hallway are super practical for those with children or four-legged friends running in and out of the door. A clean, two-tone colour scheme on the walls give the illusion of detail like panelling at a fraction of the cost.

Turn Your Landing into an Office Space

With more people than ever working from home, having a quiet sanctuary to work in is invaluable. However, not all of us have room to spare for an at home office. Why not try and recreate this look on your landing!

Keep Styling Simple

Just a few key pieces can turn a hallway into a stylish space. Pick a favourite print, lamp and trailing plant, accompanied with a minimal picture ledge or narrow shelf and there you have it, a stylish space! It’ll take up barely any space and give a chilly corridor a cosy feel.

Mix Monochrome With Timeless Furniture

Even the most chic of staircases can be made a personal part of the home with coordinating prints. This image shows how a chic house can be reflected with simple monochrome prints and a character-filled antique chair for a softer touch. 

Create the Ultimate Organisational Space

It is important (if you can) to create an area where you can not only organise the usual hallway clutter (boots, coats, umbrellas, dog leads etc) but also organise yourself as you go in or out of your house. We love how this person has thought of everything in this hallway space, with hooks, baskets, shelves, a boot rack and even a bench seat all together in quite a slim, built-in structure. Plus, it looks amazing!

Minimal Touches For Maximum Effect

Making even the simplest of additions to a staircase wall can make a huge change to the overall feel. This person has gone for a single statement piece of art in shades that coordinating with her surround colour choices. Pair that with the clean lines of a pendant light and you’ve got yourself a new and improved space without losing any of the airy feel.

Create a Reading Nook

Why not use your vacant landing space and natural light flooding in to create a cosy reading nook. This person has replicated the same colour scheme from the opposing wall to tie the whole landing space together as a room in itself. This nook also goes to show that a standalone bookcase can look just as grand as a built in.

Store Your Shoes

This hallway idea to store shoes and all those bits that come in handy near the front door is very clever and great for slim hallways. All you need is some simple Ikea furniture and a little DIY and you will have something like this! Even though the hallway is quite narrow, this person has transformed a small section of wallspace into something super useful. 

Decorate Your Steps With Greenery

We’re all for the surge in popularity of foliage in your home at Boxall Brown and Jones. Say hello to a delightfully simple plant basket styling as featured in this lovely photo. Extra points for keeping it simple and focusing on just a few key shades to contrast with the bright white surroundings.

Go For a Feature Hall

Gallery style arrangements of character-filled framed images aren’t just reserved for staircase walls. We love how this person has lit their gallery hallway up with a punchy shade of yellow, filling the space with energy and framed curiosities for guests.

Celebrate Hallway Radiators

Finally, we’re going back to basics and celebrating the wonderful things you can do with a simple radiator cover. With a lick of coordinating paint, the ledge will give you the perfect height to frame wall hangings with shelved decorations and plants, just like in this image.

So, what do you think of these hallway designs? Let us know by sharing your thoughts on our social media pages!

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