How to Move Plants When Moving Properties

If you have pride in the beautiful things you have planted in your garden and aren’t ready to part with them yet, keep reading to find out how to move your plants.

As property experts we can offer some needed advice if you are struggling to decide what to do with your beloved plants. If there are some things that removal companies do not like to move is plants and there is a high chance that they could get seriously damaged in the process. So, here are some ways to remove them to ensure your move is as stress free as possible.

Potted plants

Potted plants are the easiest type of plant to transport as they can easily be put in a car or taken to friends so that it can sit while you are going through your big move. Any small potted plants can be put in a box or a crate for better air flow and stuffed with a material to put in between gaps to be sure that they do not move around. Make sure that you put down a sheet in the back or boot of the car to ensure that no soil or mess is left in your car.

Varying on the length of you trip to your new home you may need to water you plants a good amount before you load them in your car, making sure you have a waterproof sheet so that any water that may drip does not leak in your car.

Repotting plants

For potted plants that are medium size and may be heavy because of the pots, you could repot them in plastic pots that you can reuse again. However, you could opt for a more environmentally friendly option and go for a carboard pot and put them in their regular pots once you arrive at your property. This lowers the risk of your ceramic pots breaking during the transport and make it easier for you to put them in the removal van.

Removing Garden Plants

Some plants can have a sentimental value and you might want to take that with you to make your new house a home. Some plants you may need to repot just like what you might do with ones in ceramic pots. Before moving, give yourself some time to put them into pots and be sure to weed and prune any dead branches this will make them smaller and easier to transport so your plants can’t get caught or damaged.

And its as simple as that, simple, but a bit of work – but most importantly, enjoy moving into your new home!

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