Cement-Free Concrete Building Blocks – Is This the Future for Construction?

A buy-and-build construction materials company has launched a range which is a cement-free ultra-low carbon concrete building block.

The cement-free block is a first to the UK market and on average provides a significant net reduction in embodied CO2 (‘eCO2’) of 77% per block, resulting in the following decreases.

  • An average reduction of 1.1kg of eCO2 per concrete block.
  • An average reduction of 2.7 tonnes of eCO2 per average semi-detached house.
  • These average reductions are equivalent to the CO2 emitted by an average household’s electricity consumption over the course of four years.

Why Does This Matter?

Climate change is pushing many brands to address their environmental impact and changing consumers lifestyles to include more eco-friendly habits. As awareness continues to grow of the impact that different industries have on the environment, we are now starting to see a higher demand for less impactful products, materials and energy sources.

Now, the construction industry is making changes to move towards more sustainable materials such as wood being increasingly used in the sector. Innovation is also taking place to reduce the use of plastics and high-carbon materials with more eco-friendly ones as well as waste materials from clothing and food manufacturing.

What’s Next?

As research has shown over the last year, consumers are looking closer to home in relation to climate change, as they have been forced to spend more time in their local areas due to lockdown.  This will see more interest and demand for brands to support environmental issues such as more recycling initiatives and ways to lead a zero-waste lifestyle. Brands will start to innovate with new materials to combat carbon emissions, and we will also see many look to existing waste materials as a solution. This will result in food production by-products such as grain husks and coffee grounds, as well as plastics, being transformed into materials to make buildings, cars, and all kinds of objects.

At Boxall Brown & Jones, we are always looking for ways that we can be kinder to the environment, while increasing cost efficiency. Recently, we installed new lighting fixtures to our premises to reduce our carbon emissions and reduce our overall costs as a business. These lights have been extremely effective for us, as they have brightened up the office with the LED bulbs, but have also saved us money in the long run as they require less energy and do not need to be replaced as often.

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