The Best Smart Home Appliances for 2021

Many people are turning to smart home appliances, whether that is for convenience purposes or for peace of mind.

Today, we wanted to share the top smart home appliances for 2021 and why these would be useful in your household.

Samsung AirDresser

This unique appliance keeps your clothing items feeling and smelling fresh. It is a powered wardrobe, meaning that it not only offers the perfect place to store your clothes, but it also cleans, dries and de-creases them too! How cool is that?!

The appliance has various features such as a JetSteam which blasts hot vapour through the special coat hangers to target the insides of your tops and jackets, sanitising them and banishing odours. However, if you do not want to risk damaging your best blouse, you can also use a gentle cool air to reduce the risk of damage and likelihood of shrinkage.

In addition to all these exciting features, it also has a Wrinkle Care system that will smooth any creases out for you. This will be handy for those Sunday afternoons where the ironing pile is a little too big of a task!

Priced from £1,999, could this be a new addition to your household?


LG InstaView™ ThinQ™ Wifi Connected American Fridge Freezer

Next up we have the LG smart fridge freezer. Not only does this appliance provide plenty of space with its double doors to the fridge and freezer space, but it also has a variety of other features to keep your food and beverages fresh and ready to go.

Imagine being able to see what you need to buy in your next food shop without having to open your fridge… Well, now you can! Simply knock twice and it will light up, allowing you to look into your fridge without losing any cold air, helping to keep your food fresh.

This appliance also ensures that you have fresh water with every drop. LG’s UVNano™ tech ensure your water dispenser is fresh and clean. It gives off UV light either every our or whenever you choose, seeing off 99.9% of bacteria, meaning you can be assured that every glass of water is chilled, pure, and healthy!

Other features include temperature control and energy efficiency, meaning you can enjoy fresher food for longer and know that you will save money on your energy bills too!

Priced at £2,300, could this appliance make a feature in your kitchen?

NordicTrack Vault

Are you looking for a complete home gym all in one space? The NordicTrack Vault provides everything you could possibly want, including an oversized mirror with integrated interactive touch, storage for training accessories (which can be included in the package) and iFit trainers who demonstrate various workouts at the touch of a button.

The reflective appliance allows you to navigate through a library of various workouts and mirror the trainers form. Inside the vault you will find premium dumbbells, kettlebells, yoga, pilates and strength training accessories, making efficient use of your space. The mirror can rotate 360° making it functional for the space you have.

This appliance costs £2,499, but with a gym at your fingertips, the price is completely worth it!

So, what do you think of these appliances? Would you consider purchasing any of them? Let us know by heading over to our social medias!

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