The Three D’s of Property

Whilst the new year should be full of promise and optimism, for some it may not feel like a happy occasion. This article identifies many realistic facts of life which at least one of the points to be discussed below will sadly affect us all.

The Three D’s of property are likely to involve emotional and upsetting times. During these difficult times, it will be reassuring to know Boxall Brown & Jones can offer you the professional support you need and no doubt a great deal of personal support too, after all, we are all human here.

So what are the Three D’s of property and how can we help?


Following the passing of a loved one, it is likely that a property will form part of their estate which will need careful administration from those responsible, likely to be close family members who act as executors. We are highly aware a property is far more than simple bricks and mortar holding a great deal of sentiment especially if the property to be sold is the family home. When the time is right, we can meet to discuss property value and marketing. If required, we can recommend specialist and reputable house clearance firms. It will also be reassuring to know that on your behalf, we would conduct all viewings of the property.

Also of note and in certain circumstances when the value of estates are large enough, a formal probate valuation may be necessary. Our qualified Chartered Surveyors (RICS) are able to provide such reports.


Tuesday 4th January 2022 was known as “National Divorce Day” this is because many couples put their differences aside for the festivities delaying divorce proceedings until the new year. The breakdown of a marriage, whilst common, is always going to be a challenging situation especially when children are involved. When spouses are unable to buy the other party out, a property is likely to be required to be sold. If instructed on this basis, we maintain a strict level of confidentiality and we would recommend clients also not share this information with prospective buyers. In a sale such as this, we would maintain a professional middle-ground position and keep all parties updated on progress.

In such circumstances, it is often a requirement of a solicitor acting for either party that a professional written valuation be provided. Our qualified Chartered Surveyors are able to liaise with the instructing solicitor or indeed the client in this matter.  


This is highly likely to involve more than just overspending at Christmas, the need to sell property to pay off debts for any reason is sadly a regular necessity but on a positive view, will hopefully allow for a ‘hard-reset’ of personal finances and a fresh start. In a situation such as this, every penny counts more than ever, which is why our commitment to achieve the best possible price for any property regardless of situation comes to the fore. The personal circumstances of our clients are highly confidential which interested buyers are not privy too preventing buyer exploitation.

As well as being able to market and sell property through our estate agency, we are also able to provide professional written valuations from our qualified Chartered Surveyors (RICS) that may be demanded by banks, solicitors and courts.

Any type of professional written valuation provided by a Chartered Surveyor will incur a cost requiring up-front payment.

To discuss any of our services please contact us here:

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Best wishes to anyone facing any difficult situations this year, if we can help in any way, we genuinely would be pleased to assist.

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