Top 5 Property Demands for Post-Pandemic Homeowners

Over the last year, we have all become very familiar with the inside of our four walls. Some people were lucky with lots of space, light, and clever home features, while others felt cramped, stressed, and frustrated by things they had not noticed before.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, being at home has forced many to re-evaluate what we want from our living space. It has also made us think about what we need going forward, especially if working from home or spending more time at home is to continue.

A new study conducted by industry researchers identified five most popular demands that homeowners are now looking for beyond the pandemic. The researchers conducted an analysis to understand which property features have increased in demand, and these were the top five necessities:


Unsurprisingly, the research identified that the demand for gardens increased by 74% worldwide. Throughout the lockdown, search volumes for ‘houses with gardens for sale’ has increased significantly, as many city homeowners are starting to migrate to more suburban areas. The opportunities to own properties with gardens is more achievable, making demand for gardens skyrocket.

High Ceilings and Natural Light

 People are demanding for higher ceilings and natural lighting post-pandemic, as a result of the extended period of being trapped indoors. Being confined to your house has ignited a craving to bring the outside into their homes. People want light, and lots of it! High ceilings also give a sense of space to the home, which is important if you are indoors a lot of the time.

According to research, within the last 12 months search volumes for homes with high ceilings has increased by 15% in nations such as Australia, Portugal, Spain and the UK. In addition, it was identified that search volumes for Velux window installations increased by 50% since the beginning of March 2020, showing that people want more light in their post-pandemic properties.

Home Gym

Home gyms are becoming a staple household feature for many post-pandemic houses. This correlates with reports that many people do not want to go back to traditional gyms or fitness classes. Since the world closed its doors to public gyms, home workouts have become extremely popular, encouraging people to convert spare rooms or garages into home gyms.

According to Google, search volume data for home gym space has increased by 100% in the UK during lockdown. Now that people are realising how accessible home gyms are, it can be expected that home gyms will become a huge asset to home buyers in the future.

Accessible Wi-Fi

Working from home has now made Wi-Fi a huge priority – as nobody wants to be the glitchy contributor on the Zoom call!

Buyers are now starting to prioritise fast internet when looking to buy a house. According to research, search volumes on the availability of fibre optic internet has increased by 91% worldwide since March 2020, and as business continue to work remotely, the demand will continue to rise.


The final post-lockdown must-have is picturesque views. Whether you are looking out at the ocean, city, mountains or lakes, something beautiful outside the window is a huge selling point after a year of being stuck at home. The data suggests that nice views are now an essential feature for buyers around the world. Having access to nature has been essential for many during the lockdown, making balconies and views hugely desirable when purchasing a house post-pandemic.

Nearly every country has increased their search for panoramic views, particularly in Spain which has seen search volumes for properties with sea views increase by 113% in the last 12 months.

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