What Does Your Bedroom Colour Tell People About You?

Colours can hold several hidden meanings, especially from a decorating perspective. Our preferences of colours can reveal a lot about our personalities, especially when we use them to decorate the walls of our personal sanctuary: our bedrooms!

The colour you paint your bedroom can reveal a lot about who you are, and so can the shade, saturation and brightness of each hue. So, what does your bedroom colour reveal about you?


Yellow is luminous and warm – so are the people who prefer it! They love innovation and originality.


Shades of the purple family are typically preferred by those who have a highly creative streak, and lilac lovers aspire for uniqueness but lean to the more sentimental, softer side of purple.


If deep blues are your favourite, you prefer the shades that feel like the descending twilight hours – quiet, peaceful and thoughtful.

Light Blue

Lighter blues are always associated with the sky and water – clean, clear, open and expansive would describe the way you like to feel in your surroundings.


Teal blues are known for their sophistication. The person who prefers this colour likes the complexity, as it shows personality elements that combine both green and blue traits.


Red demands attention, and so does the lover of red! It is dynamic, impossible to ignore, impulsive and extroverted.


Green people love natures versatile shade. It is the equaliser between warm and cool tones, and in the presence of green, they find the balance they always strive for.


The person who prefers gray seeks safety and security by choosing the most neutral of all colours. Gray does not demand or always need the promise of excitement, but does need contentment and stability.


Orange lovers work and play hard, they are adventurous and enthusiastic. In spite of the energy in orange, the people who love this shade are more agreeable than aggressive.


The lightest version of brown, beige is for people who appreciate the subtlety of the colour, enjoying the soft warmth.

Did your bedroom colour appear on our list? Let us know if the colour suits your personality on our social medias!

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