Why You Should Kick-Start a Career in the Property Industry

Are you thinking about getting into a career in the property industry? There are more opportunities in this exciting and rewarding industry than you might realise.

It is common to assume that in the rental market, landlords are dealing directly with their tenants, or that estate agents set the price of every property.

But the reality is that it is incredibly common for a third party like us (Boxall Brown & Jones) to be involved with property management, overseeing the running of a residence, arranging repairs and service visits. Agents like us are also responsible for advising a price for a property, however, the real decider is the market itself.

So, how do you get into a property related career?

The traditional way to start a career in property is to complete a degree in a property-related subject – or to do a postgraduate ‘conversion course’ after studying a different undergraduate degree subject.

However, several employers, including ourselves, provide apprenticeships and other school leaver schemes. Below is an infographic which highlights the various routes you may take to gain a property career.

At Boxall Brown & Jones, our team have come from a variety of backgrounds – some have entered a role through a degree, some have gained experience in other roles within the industry and others have joined through an apprenticeship.

We welcome individuals who have a passion for properties and are able to demonstrate expert knowledge in the local area. We are do not mind if you are not an expert in everything property related, as long as you have a willingness to learn, we can provide you with the knowledge you need to excel in your role.

We are especially proud of our apprentices at Boxall Brown & Jones, who have grown within the team and made a real positive impact on the organisation. One of which is Lauren Smith who joined us in 2020 and assists in the sales department at our Belper office. If you would like to find out more about our team, click here.

Boxall Brown & Jones are proud to have a bright, passionate team who always puts the clients interests first. We hope that this article provides all the relevant information you will need to kick start your career in properties.

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