Things Often Missed in a Property Inspection

Being a landlord can be an extremely rewarding job however, it can also be a challenging one as well. There are many tasks that need to be undertaken, as well as legal responsibilities that need to be upheld to ensure you provide a duty of care to the tenant. Once a tenant has moved into

Will the UK Housing Market Crash in 2022?

You probably have been seeing a lot of doom and gloom in the news recently relating to rising living costs, spiralling inflation, and tensions in the labour market, it has truly been an unnerving time for many. Today, we wanted to create an article from our home team to you, to provide some reassurance of

Viewings and Negotiations

When using an agent, you will find that they will handle both your viewings and negotiations on your behalf. However, if you are choosing not to use an agent, there are few things you will need to know in order to understand how both these processes work. Keep reading to find out how to conduct

Preparing for a New Tenancy

When one tenancy ends, it’s time to start preparing for your next occupant. If you are working with an agent, they will be able to take care of all your tenancy agreements, handling of deposits and inventory arrangements. However, it is worth knowing the process between each tenancy. Step One: Prepare an inventory It is

Additional Costs as a Landlord

In addition to covering any outstanding mortgage or loan repayments, landlords must be able to ensure that their rental income can adequately cover the additional costs that come with being a landlord. While it is easier to budget for the regular outgoings, such as insurance and service charges, planning for the unexpected can easily be

Tax Considerations: A Landlord’s Guide

As a landlord, you will have to declare your income and costs – whether you make a profit or not – you will need to keep all records, invoices, receipts, and statements for up to six years. HMRC has various requirements, depending on which rental income bracket you fall into, so be sure to familiarise

How to Beat the Crowd When Purchasing an Investment Property

Finding the perfect property can take time and making sure you keep up to date with all the new properties on the market is vital to any landlord looking for their next investment. Boxall Brown & Jones property alerts allows you to tailor your search and get frequent email updates to let you know what

Why Inventories are Important for a Rental Property

After the tenancy agreement, an inventory is probably the most important document for both a landlord and tenant. For this week’s Top Tip Tuesday, our lettings team are sharing all the things landlords need to know about a professional property inventory, plus some exclusive top tips to ensure you get the most out of your

How to Let Your Property Fast

Taking steps to prepare your property for a new tenant can be the difference between a quick and easy letting, or your property remaining on the market for a long period of time. How long does it typically take to rent a property? Prior to the pandemic, the average time it took to let a

Why Invest in a Commuter Town Property?

With the increase of homeworking, more professionals are moving from the busy city centres to quieter commuter towns. This is now opening up opportunities for buy-to-let landlords. Living outside cities can provide the best of both worlds, it provides the chance to experience everything the city has to offer, whilst saving a bit of money

Top Tips for Investing in a Doer-Upper

From finding the right spot to doing renovations in the correct order, here is how you can successfully fix up your new home. You cannot go wrong with a bargain, so the idea of snapping up a great property in need of modernising sounds hugely appealing to many. Renovation projects are a great way of

Expanding Your Rental Portfolio – A Landlord’s Guide

As a landlord, you are helping to provide homes for a growing number of tenants across the UK. Whether you became a landlord because you decided not to sell your former family home, or deliberately chose to invest in property, your part in the property market is important. If you already have one property that

Calculating and Boosting Rental Yields

As a landlord, it is particularly useful to use measures such as rental yield to compare different properties within your portfolio. In addition, it can be a useful target when considering future investments. Today we will be sharing what rental yield is, the various methods of calculating yield and how you can boost rental income.

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