Allestree is a large, pleasant residential suburb, 2 miles North of the City Centre, still surrounded by parkland. Much of its growth has taken place just in the last 40 years. The old village was mentioned in Domesday and given to Henry de Ferres as a reward for his work on the book.

There are still some fine old houses to be found around the Cornhill area. Number 19 Cornhill, Yew Tree Cottage,  being the most notable as the only timber framed and thatched roof building left in the area, being the most notable.

Allestree Hall is situated in the now public park, which contains a lake and a golf course.

There are several shopping centres in Allestree, the largest being the Park Farm Centre, opened in the 1970’s.

Since 1833 there has been a school in Allestree, originally with the support of the Evans family, wealthy local benefactors. Today the suburb has infant, junior and secondary schools taking children from a wide catchment area.


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