Interior Inspo: Farmhouse Interior Design

Are you looking to upgrade your interiors this Autumn? Cosy and warm, yet minimal and stylish, farmhouse interior design is an ideal choice to go for. The key to achieving farmhouse interiors is ensuring that décor is rustic and minimal, yet warming and homely. Feeling out of your depth? Keep reading to learn how to design your very own farmhouse haven.

Rustic Finishes

An easy way to achieve the farmhouse aesthetic is to fill your home with rustic finishes, emulating that effortless, undone vibe. Traditional farmhouses typically have exposed wooden beams on the ceilings but if you are lacking in this department, do not worry. The same effect can be achieved through placing rustic, wooden furniture throughout your home. Weathered wood and open brickwork are rustic finishes that are sure to add charm to any property.

Neutral Colour Palette

Neutral colour palettes are consistently seen throughout farmhouse interior design. Using neutral tones of creams, whites, and greys as the basis of farmhouse properties ensures interiors will appear clean and minimal. The beauty of neutral tones is that they are timeless; you will not need to update your interiors often, if not at all, as neutral will always remain relevant. Having said this, accent colours ranging from shades of blue, brown, green, and yellow are interchangeable and can add depth and texture to any room.

Mixing Metals

Just like rustic finishes, mixing metals can add texture to a farmhouse interior. Metals are an integral element of farmhouse design, and shades of gold, black, and silver add elegance to a somewhat rustic space. Although the key to farmhouse design is rustic finishes, it can be beneficial to tie this all together through incorporating metals which can give an expensive feel to interiors.

Building Textures

Incorporating different textures into your home through rugs, blankets, cushions, and carpets is a sure-fire way to achieve the farmhouse look. As we have seen, rustic finishes can add character to any space, and furniture and textiles are no exception. Heavy blankets and cosy textiles are guaranteed to add depth to an otherwise neutral space.


Greenery is a great way to add some colour and life to your home. Plants can be a great addition to kitchen spaces to bring a natural element to farmhouse design. In kitchens in particular, greenery can be as simple as some herbs potted on your shelf. Stylish and practical.

Repurposed Furniture

As you have probably gathered, the key to farmhouse design is building texture, charm, and character. And nothing says character more than repurposed furniture that has been upcycled into something new.

So, now you have all the tools, you are all set to create your own farmhouse abode. Looking to start your own renovation? Why not take a look at our current properties.

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