How To: Host a Garden Party

Summer 2023 is fast approaching and the sun has finally made an appearance, just in time for June. We’re here to help you host the best garden party, whether it’s for a special occasion or just for fun!

Prepping your Garden

If you’re planning to host a garden party this summer, the most important thing to consider is garden prep. Bring your garden back to life by mowing the lawn, removing the unwanted weeds and filling your flowerbeds. Remember to clean the garden furniture so it’s fresh for your guests and if you want to be extra, why not give the fence a lick of paint?   

Decorating the Table

Although it’s perfectly fine to just clean the table and be done with it, we’d suggest sprucing it up and adding some décor. Use a linen tablecloth or runner and perhaps some matching napkins for your guests. Mixing textures and layers can make it look more expensive and cohesive. We love the look of woven seagrass placemats and think they work great with linen to create that cool Scandinavian aesthetic.

Using in-season blooms creates the perfect summer centerpiece for your table, and if you want to save your money, make your own mini bouquets from your homegrown flowers. If you want to make it fresh, we love the look of eucalyptus and gypsophila. They’re both perfect for bulking up a bouquet, or on their own for decoration. Try using some jute string to tie around napkins, add a stem of the baby’s breath and a name tag for a pretty, personal touch.

Refreshment Station

A perfect way to keep your guests refreshed is to create a drinks station, allowing them to help themselves. This way, they can refill whenever they’d like, and you won’t be spending your day topping everyone up. Stocking it up with glassware, spirits, ice and mixers will allow everyone to make their own favourite beverages and even get creative with cocktail making! Remember to add some jugs of water and non-alcoholic drinks for the non-drinkers and children.

Evening Ambience

The longest day of the year isn’t too far away, and with that comes long daylight hours, perfect for partying in the evening! However, if you’re still having fun after sunset, add some solar powered outdoor fairy lights to your fence, trees or pergola for a lovely ambience. We also suggest putting citronella candles on your table, not only do they brighten it up, but they also help to keep bugs away.

Fun and Games

No matter your age, garden games are always a good idea. They bring everyone together for a laugh and keep the children occupied. We think giant Jenga is the perfect game for all and if you’re hosting an adult only party, add a truth or dare to each block for extra giggles. If you don’t want to splash the cash, you could make your own games with old bottles like ring toss or bowling.

We all love a good selfie and a group shot for the memories, so why not set up a DIY photobooth? Make your own props and backdrop or simply set up in front of your colourful flower borders for the perfect, Insta-worthy shot. Add a box of dress-up items such as sunglasses, hats and scarves and perhaps provide disposable cameras for your guests to use.

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