Moving House in Summer: Top Tips

Here’s our top tips on moving house this summer. We know it can be a stressful time but try to enjoy it and appreciate every moment. It’s the beginning of your next chapter!

Start the move early

Moving in the summer has many benefits, however, the heat can be a big downfall. Starting the move earlier in the day will help to beat the heat. Prioritise the heavy items to ensure that they are moved at the coolest part of the day. Try to get the bulk of the hard work done by midday, when it tends to be hottest.

Essentials bag

Before the big day, pack a bag full of essentials for the family so that they are easy to find. Pack lots of water, cold drinks and snacks to stay hydrated and energised. You may even want to pack some towels, a wash bag and a spare change of clothes so that you can quickly freshen up after the move. Keep some fresh bedsheets handy so you can make your beds and get a good night’s sleep in your new home. If it’s a really hot day, pack portable fans to keep everyone cool too.

Avoid Fridays and weekends

During summer, weekends are generally a lot busier as people want to make the most of the weather. The roads are usually busy and a lot of people plan to move at the weekend when they are off work. It can be harder to find removal companies with availability and the prices may even increase due to the demand. If possible, plan your move at the beginning of the week to avoid this busy period.

Sell your unwanted belongings

There’s no better time to sell your unwanted things than summer time. With the warm, dry weather, why not head to your local car boot sale? They’re a lot busier in the summer so you are more likely to sell your items and make some extra cash. Streamlining your belongings is a huge benefit when it comes to moving house as there are less items to pack away and you save on the cost of moving them.

Look after your pets

It can be easy to neglect your pets when there’s so much going on. Be sure to keep them out of the way so they aren’t under your feet and get them to sit in a shaded, cool room/area. Keep them hydrated with lots of cold water and try to walk dogs in the morning before the move, when the temperature isn’t too hot.  Remember to check on them throughout the day as it can be a little distressing when there’s a lot of change happening around them.

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