How To: Spring Clean

There’s nothing quite like that feeling of accomplishment when you put down the duster and light all your candles after a big deep clean. It can be overwhelming not knowing where to start but tackling the annual Spring Clean doesn’t always have to be a chore. We’re here to help you out, with our best tips and tricks on how to declutter, organise and refresh your space, ready for the Spring/Summer months. 

  1. Where to start? 

It’s easy to procrastinate when you have no idea where to begin. We find the easiest way is to clean room by room, starting with your least favourite and space it out over a few days so you don’t run out of steam! Gather your cleaning products and tools, ensure your hoover is charged and put on your go-to podcast or playlist.  

  1. Dare to declutter. 

We all want a streamlined home, but conquering the clutter can be harder than we think. It’s important to be strict and only keep things that are necessary. Sort items into piles of ‘keep’, ‘throw’, ‘sell/donate’ and ‘storage’. Any items that you don’t need or want but aren’t worth passing on should be thrown away. If you have any items or clothes that you no longer use, but are still in good condition, either give to friends/family, donate to charity, or sell them to make some extra cash. Out-of-season clothes can be packed up and stored away in the loft or storage to make extra space for your Spring/Summer wardrobe. Stop telling yourself you might need it someday. If you haven’t used or worn it for a while, be strict and get rid! 

  1. Neglected appliances. 

We often forget the importance of cleaning our appliances, hence that musty smell coming from the washing machine! It wouldn’t make sense to wash yourself in a dirty bath, so why would you wash your clothes in a smelly machine or your plates in a dirty dishwasher? We’d recommend a washing machine cleaner to kill bacteria and remove bad smells and remember to empty the filter and clean the drawer, as limescale can build up here.  

Small appliances matter too! The kettle and toaster require regular TLC to keep them clean, so pop in some de-scaler, empty the crumbs and then treat yourself to some tea and toast.  

  1. Clean kitchen. 

A clean and organised kitchen is important for the whole family, but whilst we keep on top of the dishes, we often skip over the areas that we feel are less important. Take some time to go through the cupboards and fridge-freezer, dispose of the out-of-date foods and disinfect the shelves.  

 Deep cleaning the oven may seem like a big job, but we’d recommend an over cleaner and some elbow grease. The more often you clean it, the easier it will be. 

Use your favourite disinfectant to wipe the countertops, tiles and exterior of the cupboards to kill germs and leave the kitchen smelling fresh. 

  1. Don’t forget. 

For the most productive Spring Clean, think deeper. We’ve put together a list of things to do to keep your home fresh: 

  • Clean skirting boards in all rooms 
  • Clean your doormats 
  • Hoover, steam and flip your mattress 
  • Clean windows indoors and outdoors
  • Clean blinds and curtains 
  • Use drain cleaner in sinks and showers  
  • Hoover soft furniture and freshen up with fabric spray 
  • Dust light fixtures 
  • Remove cobwebs with duster  
  • Disinfect bins 
  • Wipe outdoor furniture 
  • Jetwash patio  
  • Touch up paintwork indoors and outdoors  
  • Clean electronics and remotes  

We have put together a checklist for you to use if you need some inspiration! Download the PDF and enjoy your Spring Clean! 

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