Interior Inspo: Home Office

With the huge rise of remote work, living in a post-pandemic world, home offices are becoming the norm. Gone are the days we spent at the dining table, with our laptops and scattered paperwork. And although it’s possible (and comfy) to work from our bed or sofa, are we as productive as we should be? 

We’ll be sharing our favourite home office trends of 2023 to hopefully inspire you to create the perfect workspace and make the most of WFH. 

  1. Light and Bright 

Working in a light, bright and airy room can be a great mood-booster. It can also help to encourage alertness and productivity. Keeping the room minimal, with light walls and natural lighting will create a calm and clean space. We’d suggest furnishing with light wood to add warmth and avoid the cold, clinical aesthetic.  

  1. Bring the outside in 

Green is versatile and works as both a focal point and a pop of colour. It brings a sense of comfort and creativity and it’s recognised for creating a calm atmosphere in the home. Adding plants to a room is a good way to introduce green. Not only are they affordable and look pretty, but they also have some health benefits too. It’s a simple way to add a splash of colour, without spending a lot of money or getting the paintbrush out.  If you’re feeling brave, use your favourite shade to create a feature wall, or experiment with furniture

  1. The 70’s is back 

The popularity of statement wallpaper has made a comeback this year. Why not give your office a nostalgic boost with a bold and bright pattern? Earth tones and fun multicolour concepts are the in thing, with bamboo and rattan being the new Insta-aesthetic. Finish your office with a warm wooden desk and rounded, cocooning chairs

  1. Dark and Moody 

To give your office some grandeur, we’d suggest using a dark, moody colour. This will add a feeling of luxury and helps create a cosy, cocooned space, which will aid concentration. If you want to steer away from black, try forest green or dark blue to create a dramatic but sophisticated feel. Add full length curtains and a velvet chair to soften the look, and a statement lamp for a moody ambience. 

  1. Small but practical  

Some of us may not have the facilities to dedicate a whole room to work, but realistically, a small nook is all that is needed. In order to maximise productivity, we’d suggest setting up in a quiet room. If you want to make the most out of your space, furnish it vertically, adding floating shelves above your desk for décor and function. Personalise your office area by adding fun wallpaper or a feature wall in your favourite colour.  

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